Off Season/Off Ice Work

Players who are looking for off-ice activities to stay engaged throughout the summer or off season can check out the 5000 Puck Challenge.

A series of three skill-development challenges offered to minor hockey players. Through repetition and engaging activity, the goal of the Players Club is to improve player skill and creativity on the ice.

There is a key to the technique that players should use when practicing any skill in any sport and that is having each rep be meaningful. It’s easy to go through as many reps as possible in the quickest amount of time but that doesn’t help you improve.

5000 Shot Challenge

  • Week 1- Wrist Shot
  • Week 2- Backhand Shot
  • Week 3- Snap Shot
  • Week 4- Wrist Shot Balancing on one foot
  • Week 5 Snap Shot and Backhand Shot
  • Week 6- Drag and Shoot
  • Week 7- Slap Shot
  • Week 8- Stick Handle and Quick Release
  • Week 9- One Timer

Week 1 Wrist Shot

Week 2 Backhand Shot

Week 3 Snap Shot

Week 4 Wrist Shot Balancing on One Foot

Week 5 Backhand and Snap Shot

Week 6 Drag and Shoot

Week 7 Slap Shot

Week 8 Stick Handle and Quick Release

Week 9 One Timer

Stick Handling 10,000 Puck Touch Challenge

How well do you think your stickhandling would improve if you performed 10,000 Touches, stickhandling over an 8-week period?

This is the second challenge we have created for you to develop your hockey skills at home! The 5000 Puck Challenge improved your shooting and scoring skills and 10,000 Touches will help you to develop your puck control, stickhandling and overall dangles, making you a better hockey player in all situations, all over the ice.

Together are 25 stickhandling and puck control skills that are designed to challenge you and improve hand speed, quickness & coordination. They have been divided into 5 Skills Buckets and each bucket has a goal number of touches and includes recommended skills and number of touches.

Quick Hands

Stick Handling/Passing

Around the Body

Toe Drag

Narrow and Wide

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