Winter Hockey

Stoughton Hockey is dedicated to growing the sport of hockey. We do this by nurturing your skaters love for the sport with skating/hockey skills as well as showing skaters the importance of being a good teammate. All this is achievable by the hard work the coaches, parents and skaters put into the club.


Programs are offered from the U6 through U14 age levels. We also offer Learn to skate throughout the season. We ask that all kids interested have a basic understanding of skating and if skating is brand new, then start with the Learn to Skate program.


The season runs from the Late September through mid March.


Practices are held at the Mandt Center.

Home Games are held at the Mandt Center.

Away games are generally in the Madison area, though some games are further away.


Practices are 2 times per week. Occasionally teams will have the opportunity for a 3rd practice.


The U10 - U12 teams will play around 25 - 35 games per season. U6 and U8 teams play 15-25 games per season.


Jerseys are Club Owned. The fee for "renting" the jersey is included in the registration fee.


First year U6 player: $215

Second year U6 Player :$315

U8 player: $700

U10 player: $1,220

U12 player : $1,330

U14 player : $1,360

These fees cover two tournaments, jersey rental and roughly 45-50 hours on the ice for practices, in addition to weekly games depending on age level.

U6-U8 one game a weekend December through February

Squirts- Bantams 2 games a weekend November to mid-March.

*We have several Fundraising opportunities throughout the season that can lower your costs.

The board is happy to announce that skater fees will NOT INCREASE for the upcoming 2023 - 2024 season. Inflation has had a major impact on our community but our organization has worked hard to to control costs and want to pass along the financial benefit to our member families.  

“All In” Invoicing Change

For the upcoming season, we will be making slight changes to how our stake fees invoices will be managed. Historically, skater fees covered only ice fees for each skater at each level. Costs for tournament entry fees and jersey rental were collected separately and individually by each team manager. The board received feedback from parents, coaches, and team managers that these “additional fees” were problematic to manage and were viewed as “hidden costs'' especially for new hockey families. This year we will be implementing an “All In” invoicing strategy where the costs for tournament entry fees and jersey rental fees will be included in one “All In” invoice for the season. It is important to emphasize that this does not amount to an increase in fees. The same approximate costs were collected last year for each player at each level. This change only centralizes the money collection process and reduces the administration and logistics required for our team managers and parents. An outline of the schedule for each skater level is listed below.  

Fundraising Credits

Crossbar has incorporated the ability to apply skater fundraising credits directly into the SYHA website. If you have earned and have unapplied fundraising credits from the prior season, these have now been entered into each family's portal by skater. Any credit balances can be used against any future registration. Please feel free to log into the SYHA website and review the credits listed in your skater portal. Email if you have any questions.

Calling for Scholarship Applications

As a club, we are fortunate to have a very healthy scholarship fund. The application process is now open and we are seeking applications for the upcoming season. Please download and complete the scholarship application on the website and submit it to if you wish to apply. This year we will be awarding a limited number of multi-year scholarships due to the generous donation from a local hockey family.


Each SYHA team from U6 up to Bantams is projected and budgeted to attend two tournaments a season.

If a team wants to attend an additional tournament the families of that team would need to pay for that tournament.

Are you eligible to play for Stoughton Youth Hockey?

Stoughton Youth Hockey is governed by WAHA (the Wisconsin Amateur Hockey Association) and follow all WAHA by-laws and guidelines. In accordance with WAHA in order to be eligible to play for SYHA you must either:
1.     Reside within the Stoughton Area School District boundaries. This must by your PHYSICAL home address (not business or relative). Even if you do not attend school within Stoughton, you still must RESIDE within the school district boundaries.
2.     Reside within a surrounding community that does NOT have a local youth hockey organization (examples include: Edgerton, Evansville, Cambridge, Deerfield, Fort Atkinson, Milton, etc). These are considered "Open" areas. If you do reside within a community that does not have a local association you also must not HAVE played for another association while living in a "Open" area.
3.     Reside within a surrounding community that does have a local youth hockey organization (examples include: Oregon, Mcfarland, Janesville, Beloit, Madison, Verona, Sun Prairie, etc) and have requested and received your release from your local association.

If you do not reside in either of the above areas you may not be eligible to play for SYHA. Please contact before you register.


Practices will begin in late September and the season will run until the middle of March.

Games start in Late October/ Early November.

Ages 3-15

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