Considering Being a Fundraising Chair this season?

Several chair positions remain open and they are our most important fundraising events. It is vital we fill these as soon as possible.

You will have support to fulfill these responsibilities and aren't expected to be handed a folder and just do the job. These are a great way to earn credits and/or volunteer hours.

Concessions Bookkeeper:
- 2 people are needed to co-chair this position
- $100 and 10 volunteer hours earned
- primary responsibilities are supplying change, counting and making weekly deposits and paying invoices

Tournament Directors for 3v3 and Little Vikes
- 10 volunteer hours and $150 for Little Vikes, $225 for 3v3
- primary responsibilities: create team signups, volunteer signups, brackets, acquire medals, coordinate raffle baskets with each team

- $50 and 5 volunteer hours
- primary responsibilities: communicate with wreath vendor, coordinate delivery and signup for pickup, report results and credits back to board

Tree lot:
- $300, can be split by 2 families
- primary responsibilities: set up/tear down tree lot, coordinate and unload delivery - volunteers will help with both of these, manage signup of volunteer shifts and deposits