Jr. Icebergs Girls Hockey

There's a growing interest in girls' hockey opportunities in the Dane County area. Stoughton Youth Hockey is committed to help create more opportunities, support, and options for our girls.

Age Levels

U8, U10 and U12 Age levels


U10 and U12 - $325

$0 due at sign up

$162.50 due November 1 $162.50 due December 1

U8 Jamboree team - $0


Practices will be roughly once a week. Since this is an additional commitment on top of the Co-ed teams we want to be respectful of the time commitments required.

Coed Requirements

Only for those registered with a Coed team at any association.

Frequently Asked Questions


Only for those registered with a Full-season team at any association.

Will The Girl's In-house team have as many practices as my player's other team?

No, Since the girls will be practicing regularly with their Co-ed teams Or All Girls teams.

Will the Girl’s In-house team season be as long as my player’s other team?

No, it will start later and conclude earlier. The current plan is from December to February.

Will the Girl's In-house have as many scrimmages as my player's other team?

No, the Girls Team will have some scrimmages, but not nearly as many as your player's Co-ed team. When scheduling the Girl's scrimmages’s games and possibly an all-girls tournament, we will be conscious of the significant commitment families are already making to hockey.

Where will the Girl's In-house team practice take place?

Practice/scrimmages will be based mainly in Stoughton and McFarland, although we are committed to sharing practice locations between rinks so every girl feels at home. Please understand there will be times when one rink has more availability than others, and one rink may offer cost-effective prices we want to take advantage of.

Where will the Girl's In-house team have games?

Home scrimmages will be in Stoughton and McFarland. We will participate in away scrimmages based on the availability of players.

Will the Girl's In-house team dues be as much as my player's other team?

No. They will be significantly less. There will be associated dues but cost-conscious ones. We understand that girls will miss practices and games due to their primary team commitments and have factored this into costs.

Who will my player's primary team be?

Their home association.

Why are you offering an In-house team instead of a Dual Roster?

An In-house team allows girls from ANYWHERE to participate regardless of whether their home association offers a girl's program or if they actively participate in another girl's program. Being on an In-house team also allows a skater to cross-roster on two teams at her home association AND play for the In-house team.

Will Jr Icebergs teams attempt to qualify for state tournaments?

No, In house teams are not eligible for state tournaments.

Does my player have to play Girl's-Only Hockey?


I have a U8 girl who is interested in Girls-Only Hockey opportunities. Will there be a Girl's team for her?

You can sign your skater up for the U8 Jr. Iceberg team for $0. The U8 Team will not be practicing together but will attend girls' jamborees together.

2023-2024 Jr Icebergs


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