Val Browning Brieanna Shaffer Award Nominees

New this year and continuing for years to come, each February, the Age Level Directors give nominations of an individual or family to the President and Director of Hockey for consideration for the Val Browning Brieanna Shaffer award.

This award will be given annually to the family or adult individual within Stoughton Youth Hockey Association that has displayed exemplary sportsmanship, encouraging and positive attitude, and exceptional volunteerism. It is for families or individuals that consistently display these attributes that help make youth sports and Stoughton Youth Hockey a positive and successful environment.

The nominations for the 2022-2023 Season are Joel and Kelsey Brown, Shannon Salter, Josh and Sarah Ihlenfeld, and Dan and Andrea Klein.

The Joel and Kelsey Brown family stepped up many times and came early to help with Learn to Skate things without ever being asked. They took some of the new families under their wing to help them for the first couple of weeks. Kelsey has helped outfit learn to skate kids and is always willing to help. Joel and Kelsey go above and beyond to make sure that the parents have someone to ask questions and be additional support. All this help for the Learn to Skate is in addition to Joel helping coach U6 which most times is running at the exact same time as Learn to Skate.

Shannon Salter is always willing to help out anyone. She helps kids get ready if needed, she volunteers to run the clock for games and scrimmages. She volunteered to put together the raffle baskets this year and last year for the Little Vikes tournament. She always completes her volunteer and concession hours. This season she took on the challenge of scheduling the refs. She’s someone the club can count on to reach out to if I need help with anything.

Over the past few years even during COVID the Josh and Sarah Ihlenfeld family's commitment to Stoughton Hockey has only increased. Josh has coached for multiple seasons and now at multiple age levels. This family is always willing to lend a hand when asked, and even helps when no help is asked. Sarah over the years has helped coordinate activities and team dinners at away tournaments. She has also taken the role to schedule games at the beginning of the season and became team manager. They are extremely positive about everything Stoughton Hockey. I don't think I have ever seen anyone from this family without a smile at the rink.

Time and time again the Dan and Andrea Klein family has demonstrated what it means to be an active & positive member of an association. From running weekly off ice training sessions, to coordinating gift bags for the girl’s jamboree, and multiple year tenure as a team manager, Andrea and Dan's dedication to SHYA is of selfless devotion. They are consistently the 1st people to offer to help at the Mandt center or pitch in for game day activities all while maintaining a positive upbeat attitude.

The Board would like to thank all the families for all the work the have put in this season both at the rink and away from the rink to make this season a success.

The 2022-2023 Val Browning and Brieanna Shaffer Award recipient will be announced in April.

To learn more about Val, Brieanna, or the award please visit the Val Browning Brieanna Shaffer Award page.