Squirt B Crumble Rumble


Squirt B


December 2nd & 3rd, 2023


Mandt Community Center, Stoughton Wisconsin


$600 / team

Registered Teams

  • Stoughton A (we have 1 team this year)
  • McFarland B
  • Green Bay B
  • Waunakee B
  • Janesville B
  • Verona B


8 Team Bracketed Tournament


Please contact Squirts@stoughtonhockey.com or fundraise@stoughtonhockey.com with any questions


Thank you for choosing our tournament, we try to provide a great experience for all. A few reminders to help us accomplish that before starting your tournament games. We are a ZERO TOLERANCE FACILITY - all officials’ calls are final. The tournament director or tournament liaison if the director is not in the facility has the authority to make/change any decision regarding tournament behavior, concerns, or general operating of the tournament. .

 1. Rosters - Each team may have a maximum of (18) players, plus no more than (2) goaltenders for a team total of twenty (20) on the player roster. Not more than four certified coaching personnel will be allowed on the player’s bench while games are being played. Only players on the roster may be on the bench. An official roster must be given to the tournament director or liaison(s) prior to the team’s first game. 

2. Game Structure/Ice Resurfacing - All games will be played according to USA hockey rules, as amended by WAHA.

● Warm-ups: 4 minutes for all games

● Period times are as follows: ○ Squirts/U10 girls - Three stop time 12-minute periods. Zamboni at the end of each game.

● Run time will occur anytime there is a 6-goal lead, if the lead drops to less than 6, stop time will resume.

● Rest time between periods with no Zamboni is 1 minute.

● Each team will receive 1 one-minute timeout during regulation play.. 

3. The home team will be the top team listed in a bracketed tournament. The home team will wear purple and will sit on the home bench. Exception - If a Stoughton team is listed on the bottom of a subsequent bracket, they remain the home team.

 4. Penalties - Squirts/U10 girls will have 1:00 for a minor penalty. Any player receiving 4 penalties in one game will be removed for the remainder of the current game. Someone will need to be put in the box to serve the skater's 4th penalty. If a skater receives a 1 minute plus a 6-minute (Squirts/U10 girls) that will count as 2 penalties. If a player receives a major penalty, that will also count as two penalties. If a skater is still in the penalty box at the end of regulation, they are not able to participate in a shootout.

 5. There will be Zero Tolerance for fighting, profanity, abuse of on or off ice officials, this Includes verbal or physical abuse. Any team player, coach, or spectator displaying poor sportsmanship or conduct on or off the ice, may be suspended from the tournament for the remainder of the tournament. Officials will be instructed to eject any player from the game for fighting. 

6. Bracketed Tournament - In the event of a tie at the end of regulation, teams will be given a 30 second rest period. Then the OT will go to a three-skater shootout. If still tied after that you will go one by one until someone wins in the shootout. Exception - Trophy games will go to a one 5 minute 4 on 4 sudden victory OT period (no timeouts during OT) - only then will it go to a three-player shootout and then one-person shootout if still tied. There will be no additional Zamboni no matter how many minutes of OT. 

 7. Shootout Rules - All skaters on the roster must participate in a shootout before a player may go again. If a skater is in the penalty box at the end of regulation (or OT) they CANNOT participate in the shootout. 

8. Locker Rooms - No player will be allowed in the locker room without adult supervision. Cell phone cameras are not allowed to be in the locker room and pictures are not allowed to be taken inside the locker room. Any damage done or items taken will be the responsibility of the team using the locker room. Locker rooms will be patrolled and checked after each game. Please pick up your team’s garbage.

 *****All teams should arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the game and be prepared to enter the ice 15 minutes early if running ahead of schedule.

2023 Squirt B Crumble Rumble

Welcome to Stoughton, WI. We are excited to invite you to the 2023 Crumble Rumble Games will be played at the Mandt Community Center.

There will be raffles through the weekend and full concessions. 

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